Bryson Street “Peace” Line

This “peace” line separates nationalist Short Strand from the rest of unionist east Belfast. St Matthew’s is just out of frame to the right.


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Dan Winter’s Cottage

“Dan Winter’s ancestral home – the focal point of the Battle Of The Diamond on 21st September 1795, which led to the formation of the Orange Order in Sloan’s house, Loughgall.”

Dan Winter’s cottage at “the Diamond” (the crossroad of Grange Road and Derryloughan Road) was occupied by (Catholic) Defenders as they marched towards the (Protestant) Peep-O-Day Boys on a nearby hill. 30 out of 300 Defenders would be killed while the Peep-O-Day Boys went unscathed. After the battle, the Protestant combatants met in Loughgall and formed the Orange Society. 10,000 Catholics would subsequently migrate from Armagh.

This is one of two buildings on Derryloughan Road with “Dan Winter’s Cottage” plaques.

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An Phoblacht

Here is the outside of the An Phoblacht/Republican News office on Andersonstown Road, Belfast in 2003. The symbol in the middle is the crest of 1798’s United Irishmen – “Equality” and “It is new strung and shall be heard” around a Maid Of Erin harp and the cap of liberty. In 2018, the newspaper will only publish on-line. See previously: the mast-head on the side of the Falls Road Sinn Féin office.


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