Somme Memorial

“This memorial was erected by the office bearers and members of the 1st Shankill Somme Association. It is dedicated in solemn, but glorious memory to those brave and gallant men from the greater Shankill who served with the 36th (Ulster) Division and were immortalised on the fields of France and Flanders during the Great War 1914-1918. It stands also as a tribute to the men and women of the greater Shankill, who in the many conflicts which followed the Great War, fought with courage and defiance for crown and country, and made the ultimate sacrifice. ‘At the going down of the sun/And in the morning/We will remember them.'” “The unveiling of this memorial was carried out by Col. D. Smyth  21-02-2009.” “This memorial was dedicated by Rev. Edith Quirey 21-02-2009.”


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