Still Under Siege

The Fountain is the only Protestant area on the west bank of the Foyle river and it is surrounded by a “peace” line. The original siege of Derry was in 1688.

This is a new location for a message that has been in the Fountain since the 1980s. See previously 1988 and 1990 in Kennedy Place and 2002 | 2004 | 2006 in Hawkin Street.


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40 Years Of War

Bogside Republican Youth graffiti at the top of Durrow Park. “Azimcar” and “Quincy” are British Army sappers Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey killed in an attack on Massereene Barracks in March 2009 by the Real IRA.


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The War Isn’t Over

These graffiti and small boards are on the fence around Dove Gardens as it is rebuilt. “God bless the Loughgall martyrs” and “Oglaigh na hEireann” and “IRA rule” aim to establish the CIRA and RIRA as simply the IRA. For “Free Colin Duffy” see Freedom Is A State Of Mind.

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Freedom Is A State Of Mind

Colin Duffy was arrested in connection with the Real IRA attack on Massareene barracks in which two British Army soldiers were killed. His original arrest was voided in March 2009 but he was quickly re-arrested.

“The Republican Network For Unity supports all political prisoners and calls for the end of internment by remand now!”, “End internment by remand and release Colin Duffy now.” and “Freedom is a state of mind”. Rossville Street, Derry.

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