UDA Tour Buses

“WBTA/Travel Ireland Coaches load UDA tour buses – scum” (or possibly, ” … UDA scum tour buses”). “WBTA” = West Belfast Taxi Association (taxitrax)

Please get in touch if you know what this piece of St James’s Park graffiti refers to.


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RIP Gaddafi

Having ruled Libya since deposing the Senussi regime in 1969, Muammar Gaddafi was himself captured and killed by rebels on October 20th, 2011. He is remembered in this minor piece of Meenan Square, Derry, graffiti for providing the IRA with weapons and cash during the Troubles (WP | Middle East Eye).

Support for ETA (“ETA rule”) and Hamas can also be seen. “BRY” is Bogside Republican Youth.

M07504 M07505

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We’ll Not Be Mastered By No Rebel Basterds

Here is a gallery of 27 images from loyal Mullaghglass, on the outskirts of Newry. In addition to Union Flags, Ulster Banners, and UVF/RHC emblems, we see a number of PAF [Protestant Action Force] emblems, the South Down Defenders flute band, and a portrait of QEII.

Armagh Road, Newry.

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Mention of BRAG dates back to a 2009 threat made against traffic wardens and TV license inspectors (RN | BBC). The graffiti read “Bogside Republican Action Group”, “Beir bua”, “End sectarian marches now!” (with a petrol bomb “PB”). The last is perhaps a reference to the on-going contention over marches past the Ardoyne shops in Belfast (Guardian).

See previously: BRY-IRA

Bogside shops, Lecky Road/Meenan Square, Derry

M07294 M07295

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Support The POWs

This is the ‘Nebula’ version of Free Derry Corner taken over by a republican protest to “Support the POWs”.

“Thatcher 81 – Ford 2011” refers to Margaret Thatcher, UK Prime Minister at the time of the second hunger strike and David Ford, NI Justice Minister at the time of the campaigns to free Marian Price and Brendan Lillis (BBC).

M07285 M077284 [M07286] [M07287]

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Free Marian Price

These are the first appearances of “free Marian Price” in the Peter Moloney collection of murals. Graffiti, posters, and murals calling for her release would become widespread over the next two years. As a member of the IRA, Price was jailed for the Old Bailey bombing in 1973, and her post-Agreement license was revoked in May, 2011, when she was charged, as a member of the Real IRA, in connection with the Massereene Barracks shooting of 2009 – she was sent to Maghaberry.

Nailor’s Row, Gartan Sq, two from Eastway, two from Central Drive (Creggan), and one (taken in November) from Kildrum Gardens, Derry.

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