Free Price + McGeogh

IRA volunteer Gerry McGeough (with a “u”) was jailed for the attempted murder of the UDR’s Samuel Brush in 1981. His appeal for a pardon, based on time served previously in Germany, was denied in March (BBC).

Moy Road, Armagh.


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Traitor McGuinness

On June 27th, (2012) Martin McGuinness of Sinn Féin and formerly the IRA shook hands with Queen Elizabeth II, head of the UK’s armed forces (Guardian). Derry republicans took to the walls of Derry to express their feelings of betrayal.


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Free Tony Taylor Now

This is the first dedicated mention of Tony Taylor (he is listed alongside other republican prisoners in RNU Supports The POWs), perhaps singled out because of his status as RNU spokesperson. Taylor was released under the conditions of the Good Friday agreement but jailed for three years in 2011 for possession of a rifle (BBC).

Nailors Row, Derry

M08140 [M08140a]

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Support The Maghaberry “Dirty Protest”

The 1981 hunger strikes – as the culmination of the blanket protest and no-wash or “dirty” protest – are put in parallel with the dirty protest against forced strip searches in Maghaberry prison, involving throwing urine and excrement onto prison landings, as well as not washing or shaving (BBC).

Beechmount Avenue, Belfast

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Forget The Past

“HET” is the “Historical Enquiries Team”, and has been investigating unsolved killings from the Troubles since 2005 (WP). The graffiti in these images from Mount Vernon (Shore Road), are perhaps specifically in connection with the investigation into the UVF unit in the area (BelTel) and the murder of Jim Harbinson (BelTel). “HET go home”.

M07881 M07880

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