Fountain UDA

These three pieces of UDA/UFF/UYM and West Bank Loyalists/West Bank Loyalist Youth graffiti are in London Street, Londonderry.

M04548 M04547 M04549

Copyright © 2008 Peter Moloney


Santa Is A British Agent

Above: “Cáisc [Easter] 1916”, dating back to at least 1990. Below: “Santa is a British agent” (perhaps because of spying concerns or perhaps because of the blizzard that dropped 15 cm of snow in early January, 2008 – get in touch if you know what prompted this graffiti) with “Join Sinn Féin” stencils beneath.


Copyright © 2008 Peter Moloney

End Internment By Remand

Internment without trial was a highly controversial ‘Special Power’ enacted in 1971. This 2008 graffiti alleges that the practice still continues under the guise of indefinite remand. The practice was used against RIRA and CIRA members. See, for example, this 2008 RTÉ report and the later case of Luke O’Neill who was granted bail after (only) 17 months. Lecky Road, Derry.


Copyright © 2008 Peter Moloney