Life Spills On Warm Summer Streets

British Army snipers ensconced into Corry’s timber yard shot dead five people, including three teenagers, from Springhill and Westrock on the summer night of July 9th, 1972. All were unarmed. These images are from the Westrock-Whiterock memorial gardens (“gairdíní cuimhneacháin”) in Westrock Drive, Belfast.

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B Company 1st Battalion Belfast Brigade IRA


These images are of the IRA memorial stone in Bingnian Drive, Belfast, honouring members of the B Company, 1st Battalion, Belfast Brigade and local Andersonstown residents. The stone bears an Easter lily, including a leaf of the plant.

“Togadh an leach chuimhneacháin seo i ndíl chuimhne na nÓglach de chuid complacht B an chéad chathlann Bríogáid Bhéal Feirste, Óglaigh ne hÉireann. Moltoir, comh maith, a gcuid comradaithe a sheas agust a throid lena diaobh. Bíodh cuimhneadh, fosta, ar na daoine ón cheantair a chinmharaiodh ag arm na Breataine agus a comhglacaithe.”

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Briogáid Dhoire Óglaigh Na hÉireann

Many memorial plaques to IRA volunteers have been featured previously on this site: Michael Quigley | Brian Coyle | Patsy Duffy | Dennis Heaney | John Starrs | Charles English | Seamus Bradley | Sean Dolan | George McBrearty & Pop Maguire (see also Bronco Bradley). The Derry Brigade memorial in the median between Fahan Street and Rossville Street “is dedicated to those Volunteers who died in places where circumstances do not permit the erection of a commemorative plaque.” There are 18 names on the stone. Vintage rifles are crossed in front of an oak leaf, symbol of the city of Derry.

“Ar fud na ceathrach seo, tá gluaiseacht na poblachta tar éis na heaiteacha mar a bhfuair Óglach ne hÉireann bás ar fianas a mharcáil le leaca cuimhneacháin. Tá an leac seo toirbhrithe do na hÓglaigh siúd a fuair bás in áiteacha nach bhfiul fóirsteanach do thógáil leica cuimhneachain. Arna thógáil a gcomrádaithe i nGluaiseacht ne poblachta. 12ú Deireadh Fómhair 2003. Beirigí bua.”

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Briogáid Dhoire

The IRA Derry Brigade memorial at the shops on Racecourse Road, Derry, includes quotes from Robert Emmet (not: Emmett) – When my country takes her place among the nations of the Earth, then and not until then let my epitaph be written – and the Easter Rising proclamation – We declare the right of the people of Ireland, and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies to be sovereign and indefeasible – in both English and Irish.

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O’Doherty’s Keep

Here are two memorials from O’Doherty’s Keep in Buncrana, Co Donegal, originally a 14th century Norman Castle. Cahir Rua O’Dogherty/O’Dochartaigh/O’Doherty was a Gaelic lord loyal to the Queen of England (in opposition to the O’Donnells), but launched a rebellion, perhaps to settle a score with Sir George Paulet, governor of Derry, who was harassing the remaining Gaelic lords. O’Doherty was killed in the battle of Kilmacrennan in 1608 (WPWP).

The other is to leader of the United Irishmen, Wolfe Tone, who was arrested in Lough Swilly in 1798 and held in Buncrana Castle before being moved to Derry and then Dublin, where he was executed.

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While Ireland Holds These Graves

Headstones in (roughly) reverse order: the Gibraltar Three (1988); the 1981 Hunger Strikers; Terence O’Neill (July 1, 1980); Gaughan and Stagg (1970s); the Antrim cross; Caffney, Perry, Burns (1940s); Tom Williams; McKelvery and McCartney (1920s); volunteers  1867-1922 (including “Roger Casement, Ballymena”); the United Irishmen of 1798 and 1803.

Milltown Cemetery, Belfast

M01967 M01972 M01968 M01966 M01956 (dates back to at least 1988) M01970 M01971 M01969 M01964 M01957 M01963 M01959 M01960 M01958 M01960 M01961 M01962 M01965

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