Hands Across The Divide

Maurice Harron (WP) is a Dery sculptor. The piece ‘Reconciliation/Hands Across The Divide’ sits at the end of Craigavon Bridge in London-/Derry and shows two bronze figures reaching towards one another as the pass.


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Clonard Memorial Garden


Just out of shot to the left of the final image is a list of C Company, 2nd Battalion IRA dead, led by Sean Gaynor, who is also commemorated by the solo plaque – “murdered in his home at 236 Springfield Road by members of the RIC”. The right-hand plaque commemorates “civilians murdered by loyalists and British forces during the course of the conflict”. The other plaques are “in loving memory of the deceased republican prisoners from the greater Clonard area.” “I measc laochra na nGaedheal go raibh siad – go ndeana Dia trócaire ar a nanamacha”. Bombay Street, Belfast

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