Freedom Corner

Here is a set of 2009 images of the left half of “Freedom Corner” on Newtownards Road.

Compared to the 2005 images:
the background of the UFF mural has been repainted;
“Loyalist East Belfast” replaces the letters “UFF”;
the Red Hand Of Ulster replaces “Feriens Tego” (From Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, 1953: “The strangest victory in all history: Heremon [Érimón] O’Neill racing a rival chieftain for possession of Ireland became the first man to touch its soil by cutting off his own hand and hurling it ashore! His sacrifice made Heremon the first king of Ulster, 1015 B.C. The red hand of Ulster is still the provinces coat of arms thousands of years later.” Most people believe it not.) Notice that outline is of the six-county Northern Ireland rather than of the historical Ulster;
and the “Ulsters Past Defenders” mural has been completely repainted with the emblems of the UDR and B-Specials at the centre (“This is dedicated to those who served in our conflict – we forget not”, “Formed in 1970, the Ulster Defence Reg. was an infrantry [sic] regiment of the British army intended to carry out security duties in NI. It was later disbanded in 1992. A total of 197 members were killed through the troubles”, “Formed in 1920, the Ulster Special Constabulary had been set up taking action against the IRA. It was divided into three categories A, B, and C specials. Later in 1970 they were disbanded. Then the UDR replaced them.”)

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M04867 wide shot

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For Valour

The Victoria Cross shows a lion on top of the crown of St Edward. The medal has been awarded since 1856 for combat valour by British Army soldiers. The four faces are perhaps those of Cather, McFadzean, Quigg, and Bell (see the mural in Cappagh Gardens). Painted by Dee Craig in Pitt Park, east Belfast.

M04864 [M04859] [M04860] [M04862]

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The People’s Army

“The arming, the training, and the sacrifice of The People’s Army.” The arming (left) comes from the guns smuggled into Larne on the Clyde Valley. The training shown here (right) is probably Ballywalter. The sacrifice (bottom) is the 36th (Ulster) Division going over the top in James Beadle’s painting ‘Charge of the 36th (Ulster) Division, Somme, 1st July 1916’. Inverary Drive, Belfast.

M04854 [M04855] [M04848] [M04849] [M04850] [M04851] [M04852] [M04853]

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The Price Of Peace Is Eternal Vigilance

“”The Troubles” – During the “Troubles” there were several thousand people killed and many thousands injured. In order to justify the carnage and hurt caused republicans through their propaganda machine attempt to make out to the world that they were the victims, but the truth is somewhat different. The simple fact is that it was PIRA who murdered and maimed the vast majority of people[.] [N]umerous Sinn Fein-IRA members have blood on their hands[.] It is they  who created many of the victims. Northern Ireland remains British. The democratic wish of the people is for peace. However[,] it is vital that as society moves forward to a new terror[-]free future that those who were murdered or injured are not forgotten. This mural recalls some of the misery inflicted[,] in order that the victims of republican terror are not forgotten. “Lest we forget.”” “We owe it to the future and the victims never to forget the past.” Individual panels recount the deaths at Hyde Park, Claudy, La Mon House, Ballymacarrett, Kingsmills [Kingsmill], and Birmingham. Derwent Street, Belfast. Sponsored by the East Belfast Historical And Cultural Society – see Visual History 10.

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Ulster’s Present Day Defenders

“The UDA was formed in 1971 as an umbrella for loyalist vigilante groups which claimed to defend the Protestant community from IRA violence. They remain today. The UFF was formed in 1973 as the military group for the UDA to defend Protestants from acts of Irish republican violence over 30 years of conflict.” It’s not clear what was “formed 1972”. Previous versions of this mural put the UDA in parallel with an ancient “defender of Ulster from Irish attacks”, Cuchulainn.

M04825 [M04826]

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Young Newton

“Our civil and religious liberties we will maintain.” The refreshed Young Newton mural at the end of “Freedom Corner” switches from mention of the UYM (UDA youth) to the 1893 UDU. Inclusion of Northern Ireland nationalism is retained (the crest in the bottom right) alongside the crests of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the Union. “Who will separate us.” There are three flowers around the Union flag – the Welsh daffodil is absent. Newtownards Road, Belfast.


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Arkansas ’57 – Ardoyne ’01 – South Belfast ’09

“Everyone has the right to live free from sectarian/racist harassment!!!” Arkansas ’57 – Ardoyne 2001 – South Belfast ’09. This is a smaller and updated (and cruder) version of the ‘It’s black and white‘ mural in Ardoyne. That original put the abuse of the Little Rock Nine after Brown v. Board Of Education (‘Arkansas ’57’) in parallel with the abuse of students attempting to get to Holy Cross primary (‘Ardoyne 2001’). This update adds the treatment of residents in lower Ormeau during the Orange marching season, a controversy that began in 1992: see Postcard From The Edge | Trade Off?


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Cuba – Fifty Years Of Revolution

Pro-Cuba mural on the international wall and criticism of the Obama regime’s continuation of the US blockade. “The world opposes US blockade of Cuba. Time for a change Mr Obama.” “UN General Assembly resolution Oct 2008. Countries opposed to the blockade: 185. Countries in favour: 3 (US, Israel, Palau)”. “¡Aqui no se rinde nadie!” [There’s no giving up here!]

Replaces Stop Plan Bush on the International Wall.


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