Young Newton Fallen Comrades

From left to right the plaques read: “In memory of R McCreery 7-10-1984, V Dougherty 17-07-2003, J Moore 28-01-2007. Gone but not forgotten.”, “Young Newton. In memory of our fallen comrades Volunteers R Warnock 13-9-72, W Warnock 16-10-72, A Petherbridge 7-2-73, K Watters 17-2-74, G Reid 26-2-74. Lest we forget. Quis separabit.”, “In memory of R Algie Snr 15-09-1989, TW Black Snr 5-10-2002. Gone but not forgotten.” With Young Newton and UFF wreaths.

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RHC C Company East Belfast

A new memorial garden joins the RHC mural in (the old) Hunt St (off Newtownards Road). “Remember with pride: B. Hamill, G. Taggart, S. Ferguson, S. McClelland, D. Sessions, G. Shaw, J. Johnston [“Johnstone” on the mural plaque], N. Baker, J. Wallace, D. Uprichard, R. Black, B. Bingham, D. Kirkwood.” These are all modern-day volunteers. The soldier in the middle is from WWI. “Dieu et mon droit.”

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Those From the Ligoniel Area

The large stone in the corner is to Declan McCluskey but does not give a date or manner of death. It is perhaps the Declan McCluskey who died by suicide in 2005 (BBC-NI); his father Francie is included on the central plaque – he was killed by the UFF in 1982. “This memorial is dedicated to the memory of all those form the Ligoniel area who lost their lives as a result of the conflict in our country. Mary, queen of the Gael, pray for them” “The plaque is dedicated to the memory of Óglach Declan McCluskey, Óglaigh na hÉireann. ‘I love my God overall,’ he said, ‘And then I loved my land. Oh mother dear I was true, to God, to Ireland and to you.'” “I ndil chuimhne. This plaque is dedicated to the memory of all those from Ligoniel who lost their lives as a result of the conflict in our country. A Mhuire banrion na nGael guigh orthu. In loving memory of Terry McCafferty, Michelle Osborne, Vol. Jackie Mooney, Danny O’Neill, Jim Sullivan, Alac Greer, Mary Sloan, Rosemary Brown, Mrs Sloan, Letta Younger, William Younger, Francie McCluskey, John O’Neill, Colm McCallum, Brian McKimm, Leo Scullion, Sammy Bell, Kevin Flood, Brian Duffy, John Todd, Maurice O’Kane. May they rest in peace.”

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An Gorta Mór

2009 image of the (second – see C05209) Great Hunger mural on Ardoyne Avenue (see previously the mural in 2002) with the correct spelling of “emigration” restored (see 2004).

“They buried us without shroud or coffin” is a line from an unrelated Seamus Heaney poem Requiem For The Croppies. Produced by “Ardoyne Art & Environment Project”.

The plaque on the left is to Larry Marley.


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The Great Wars & The Recent Conflict

“In remembrance of all those Ulstermen & women from the Greater Dunmurry area who died during the great wars 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. Also those men and women who died during the recent conflict. Lest we forget.” The “recent conflict” perhaps includes the Ulster Special Constabulary (the B Specials), formed in 1920 and replaced by the UDR in 1970 – as included in the plaque on the railings. Rowan Drive, Dunmurry. See previously: Their Loyalty Betrayed and the 2005 images of Freedom Corner.

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West Tyrone Command

Updated version of the monument to West Tyrone Command (seen in 2005) – perhaps with new fencing. A modern volunteer stands on the left, Cú Chulainn on the right. “In proud memory of Vol. Charles Breslin age 20, Vol. Michael Devine age 22, Vol. David Devine age 16. West Tyrone command, Ógliagh na hÉireann. Killed by crown forces near this spot23 Feb. 1985.” The three were killed in an alleged shoot-to-kill incident. Obituaries in An Phoblacht. Fountain Street, Strabane.

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