The Fallen Of The 36th (Ulster) Division

“The Billy Greer Somme memorial garden was opened by Jamesy “The Piper” Walker on the 14th December 2007. Dedicated to the fallen of the 36th (Ulster) Division at the battle of the Somme 1st July 1916. We will remember them.” Greer, East Antrim UVF commander, died in July 2006 (Mulvenna).

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UVF South Belfast 2nd Battalion

“In proud memory of our fallen comrades from the officers and members of South Belafst 2nd Battalion [‘A’ Company Donegall Pass] ‘Glorious on the graves of heroes, kindly upon all those who have suffered for the cause. Thus will shine the dawn. They gave their tomorrow for our today.'” UVF memorial garden in Walnut Street.

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Mary Ann McCracken

“Mary Ann McCracken 1770-1866, social reformer, lived here [62 Donegall Pass, Belfast]. McCracken ran a muslin business in Belfast and was involved with the Clifton Street poorhouse, worked for the abolition of slavery and the preservation of Irish harp music. United Irishman Henry Joy McCracken was her brother.


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The Battle Of St Matthews

Henry McIlhone died in the Battle Of St Matthew’s, 27th June 1970 (along with McCurrie and Neill). There is also a memorial cross. James George and Bobby Jennings are recognized for their long-time contributions to the Short Strand community. The plaque was unveiled as part of the commemorative events to mark the 40th anniversary of the Battle.

“Cuireadh an leac seo in airde i ndíl chuimhne ar an daoine ó pharóiste Naomh Maitiú, a thug a gcuid ama, a saoirse agus a mbeo leis an cheantar seo agus a phobal a chosaint, go mórmhór le linn luatha tréimhse na coimhlinte seo. Ar an dóigh chéanna lean siad traidisiún a thoisigh sna 1920aí i ndiaidh críochdheighilt i gceantar macasamhail Baile Mhic Airt an fód in aghaidh leatroim, an idirdhealaithe agus in éadan bagairt an bháis orthu. Tháinig siad le chéile le sábháilteacht a muintire féin a chinntiú. Tá roinnt de na laochra siúd ar shlí na firinne anois, ach maireann a gcrógacht agus a gcríonnacht go fóill agus beidh cuimhne againn ar an héachtraí a rinne siad go deo na ndeor.”

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Thomas Russell

“Thomas Russell, 1767-1803, United Irishman, “the man from God knows where“, librarian 1794-1796”. Russell was the second librarian of the Linen Hall Library and was arrested there in 1796 on a charge of inciting rebellion. For his part in the rebellion of 1803 he was executed by beheading at Downpatrick gaol, on October 21st. Donegall Square North, Belfast.


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Our Fallen Youth

“Na Fianna Éireann. 1909-2009. In this centenary year of the formation of Na Fiannan [sic] Éireann by Countess Markievicz we celebrate and commemorate our fallen youth from the Ballymurphy area. Fuair siad bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann.” Doyle, McCormack. Campbell, Dougal, Sloand, Magee, McWilliams, Dempsey also Cumann na gCailíní Mackin and McGartland. “The Fianna saw themselves as a youth organsiation dedicated to establishing Ireland’s independence. This plaque was unveiled by Seán Adams & Martin Dudley 8th August 2009.” Springhill Avenue, Belfast.

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The Republican People Of Greater Ballymurphy

“This monument was erected by the republican people of greater Ballymurphy in proud and loving memory of all those volunteers from the area who gave their lives in the fight for Irish freedom.” Volunteers McParland, Kane, Maguire, Meehan, Sloan, McCormick, Campbell, Magee, Dougal, McCrudden, Clarke, Parker, Quigleey, Mulholland, O’Rawe, McGartland, Mulvenna, Pettigrew, Bryson, Teer, Stone, McGrillen, Tolan, McWilliams, Delaney, O’Neill, Jordan, Doyle, McCracken, McGeown. “Unveiled by Gerry Adams 12th May 1985. I ndíl cuimhne i gcónaí ag na poblachtánaigh ón cheantar Barr Cluanaí. Also in memory of the civilians who died at the hands of the British Army, RUC, UDR, and loyalist extremists.” The launch date of 1985 refers to the plaque’s former location in Glenalina Road (seen in 2001 and 2002).

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Ballymurphy Massacre

Memorial plaque to Danny Teggart, Noel Phillips, Joan Connolly “Murdered by British paratroopers 9 August 1971” and Joseph Murray “Shot 9 August, died 22 August”, victims of the Ballymurphy Massacre. The plaque is in Springmadden, near the spot where they were shot, opposite the army barracks.

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The Roddy McCorley Society

Images from the grounds of The Roddys club, Glen Road, Belfast, with memorials to McCorley (“In memory of Rody McCorley who was hanged here for his part in the rising of 1798 ‘The dead who died for Ireland, let not their memory die””), the deceased 1981 hunger strikers, the earlire 20th century hunger strikers (Thomas Ashe, Michael Fitzgerald, Terence MacSwiney, Joseph Murphy, Joseph Whitty, Denis Bary, Andrew Sullivan, Tony D’Arcy, Jack McNeela, Sean McCaughey, Michael Gaughan, Frank Stagg), Lenadoon deaths (Tony Henderson, Tony Jordan, John Finucane, Laura Crawford, Brendan O’Callaghan, Joe McDonnell, Mairead Farrell, Bridie Quinn, Patricia Black), Billy ‘Red’ Higgins founder member/president of the club, IRA volunteers from Lenadoon, “to the Irish men and Irish women who gave their lives in the rebellion of 1798”. Roddy McCorley, a Protestant member of the United Irishmen, is best known by the song written about his hanging at the bridge of Toome in 1800. (Here’s a version by Tommy Makem.)

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