Send Our Prisoners Home

Vintage UDA/UFF stencil on the shutters of A1 Alterations on the Newtownards Road.


Copyright © 2009 Peter Moloney


Clonduff Twelfth

Clonduff prepares for Eleventh Night with a bonfire off Clonduff Drive and bunting in Tullyard Way. There are also nine (at least) vintage “UVF Release The Prisoners’ stencils in the area.

M04903 M04905 M04904 [M04914]

Copyright © 2009 Peter Moloney


Éirígí (web) was formed in 2006 and became a political party in 2007, with candidates standing for two seats in 2011’s local elections. For its public art, it used stencils in promoting itself and issues such as the continued presence of British troops in the North (“There are more British troops in Ireland than in Iraq”). Andersonstown Road, Belfast.

M04500 M04501

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Santa Is A British Agent

Above: “Cáisc [Easter] 1916”, dating back to at least 1990. Below: “Santa is a British agent” (perhaps because of spying concerns or perhaps because of the blizzard that dropped 15 cm of snow in early January, 2008 – get in touch if you know what prompted this graffiti) with “Join Sinn Féin” stencils beneath.


Copyright © 2008 Peter Moloney