Aye Ready

Support for Glasgow Rangers in a mural from the “Londonderry Loyal RSC [Rangers Support Club]” (and a stencil next to “PSNI touts out”) and the Northern Ireland team (“our wee country”) in the Fountain, Londonderry.

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Kill The Bill

A “Public Assemblies, Parades and Protests Bill” (available at CAIN) would require 37 days’ notice before any parade or rally. Concerns were raised that it would stifle the “freedom of assembly” (Guardian). The bill was dropped after the Orange Order voted against it (BBC). Chamberlain Street, Derry.


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Prisoners’ Human Rights

IRSP supports political prisoners human rights in Maghaberry.” The red stars in the panel on the right are held over from the previous ‘George Dubya Bush – war criminal‘ mural. The panel to the left, and the ‘plough in the stars over Long Kesh’ are new (late 2009). Northumberland Street, Belfast.

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