Remember Us

Lamentations for the “killed, wounded, missing” among “the west Belfast volunteers who formed in this area”, verse 1:16 in English on the right pillar commemorating the 36th (Ulster) Division – “For these things do I weep/My eyes flow with tears” – and in Irish on the damaged left pillar commemorating the 10th & 16th Irish Divisions – “Seo iad cúis mo chaointe/No [Na?] deora le mo shuile” (the 1981 Bíobla Naofa translation is “Sin an fáth a mbím ag caoi/Agus ag sileadh na súl go fuíoch”).

“‘Remember us who gave our silent dreams within the noise of battle’s thunder/Remember us who have our hopes on golden fields once truly filled with wonder/Remember us who near Thiepval Wood because we could gave our lives own future/Remember us who at eternity’s edge are new born this day between thoughts of sacrifice and loss/Remember us, remember us’ – James Logan, Somme, July 1916”


Ballygomartin Drive, Belfast

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John Mitchel

“John Mitchel 1815-1875. He took a prominent role in leading Ireland to be an independent nation.”

Mitchel was born near Dungiven but at age 8 the family moved to Newry, where Mitchel was schooled before entering Trinity College Dublin at age 15 (WP).

For his political life, see the post on the statue of Mitchel in downtown Newry.

Armagh Road, Newry

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Beidh An Bua Againn Go Fóill

“Tógadh an leach cuimhneacháin seo ag muintir an cheantar i gcuimhne an Óglaigh [Óglach] Réamonn Mac Raois a fuair bás ar an 21 Bealtaine 1981 i ndiaidh lá agus seasca ar stailc ocrais sna H-Blocanna. Rugadh Réamonn ar an 15 Feabhra 1957 ag Páirc Naomh Maolmhaodhóg. … Seasann an deich gcrann atá curtha taobh thiar den leacht chuimhneacháin do na firéin [fíréin].”

“This monument was erected by the people of the area in memory of IRA Volunteer Raymond McCreesh who died on May 21st 1981 after 61 days on hunger strike in the British H-Block prison at Long Kesh. Raymond McCreesh was born on February 25th 1957 at St Malachy’s Park, Camloch. … The ten trees planted behind the monument represent the ten men who died in the H-Blocks in 1981.”

There is a mural to McCreesh on the gable of Teach Réamoinn Mhic Raois – see Keep On Marching.

Newry Rd, Camlough

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Nationalist Gravestones

These are four headstones from City Cemetery, Derry, to Irish nationalists who served and/or were killed in the 1920s. In order, they are to “James McGlinchey was founder and commander of Irish National Volunteers in Derry c. 1912-1922”; “Óglach Hugh Morrison, killed on active service at Skeoge 17th June, 1922 [and] Susan Morrison, Cumann na mBan”; “John Gallagher died 21-6-1920 killed in June riots, Derry [and] Hugh Gallagher died 12-12-1922 shot by Free State soldiers at Drumboe Castle”; and, “Edward McMenamin active service during the Irish war for independence.”

Previously from City Cemetery: The Supreme Sacrifice | Republican Gravestones

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UDA South-East Antrim Brigade

The small plaque in the alcove behind the Eastway club is replaced by a much more substantial stone: “South-East Antrim Brigade. This memorial is dedicated to the memory of the officers and members of our organisation who were murdered by the enemies of Ulster and to those who paid the supreme sacrifice whilst on active service during the present conflict. Quis separabit. ‘They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old/Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn/At the going down of the sun and in the morning/We will remember them’.”

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To Those Who Gave Their All For The Great War

The portraits are of Edward Henry Carson and Private William McFadzean VC; the stone is a “Sydenham Roll Of Honour”. The insignia of various British Army units are shown over the hills around Thiepval and a sea of poppies. Seen previously from a distance in 2010.

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