Welcome To Loyalist Tigers Bay

The Tigers Bay tiger is flanked by two UFF gunmen in balaclavas and bomber jackets.

Cultra Street, Belfast.


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Tigers Bay First Flute

Tigers Bay First Flute, “Est 1983” but apparently defunct by this time. In the style of the UDA emblem. For two of those listed on the side wall, see Bacon and Baird. T[ommy] English was killed by the UVF in 2000.

M03016 [M03017] M03018

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PUP East Belfast Branch

The Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) is a left-leaning unionist party founded in 1979 by Hugh Smyth, who served as Lord Mayor of Belfast in 1994. His successor as leader of the party (in 2002) was former UVF member David Ervine, who had been elected to the NI Assembly in 1998 but would die in January 2007.

Newtownards Road, Belfast

M02922 M02921

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British Ulster Alliance

The British Ulster Alliance is a flute band with a ‘British nationalist’ ideology that occasionally travelled to Northern Ireland to attend marches, such as one in the White City (north of Belfast) in 2006 (Mirror). There was a Rathcoole mural to the band in 2001 (see J0823).

The Union Flag is a composite of the St George’s Cross (England), St Andrew’s Saltire (Scotland), and the Order of St Patrick/St Patrick’s Saltire (Ireland). No Welsh flag is included. The Northern Irish flag (Ulster Banner) is based on the flag of Ulster.

Fountain Street, Londonderry


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Common Sense UDP

The Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) was the political wing of the UDA, and supported a policy of an independent Northern Ireland (as described in the policy document ‘Common Sense‘. It won a few council seats in the late 1980s and early 1990s and dissolved in 2001 (BBC-NI). The fourth panel (top right) is of the Ulster Workers’ Council strike that brought down the Sunningdale Agreement. Bellevue Street, Belfast.


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