Killed In Action


This is an early version of the Brian Robinson mural in Disraeli Street, Belfast. It features Robinson’s portrait in a wreath (“For God and Ulster – 1st Batt. B. Coy”) and the emblems of the UVF and PAF. It would later be modified to include flags and a scroll. Robinson was shot by the British Army in 1989 immediately after he had shot and killed a Catholic (Paddy McKenna) walking along Crumlin Road.


Copyright © 1993 Peter Moloney

Britains Death Squads


Painted in 1989 and badly damaged by 1990: Britain’s death squads: UDA and UVF behind the sunglasses and mask on one side, the UDR and RUC on the other, with clothing and skin stripped away, and the British Army at the bottom. To the left of shot is Dagda and to the right Union Jack Crumbling.

Painted by Mo Chara in Springhill Avenue, Belfast.


Copyright © 1990 Peter Moloney