Free Derry Corner – Rear

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For information about the wall and the house it was originally a part of, see the Visual History page for the front of Free Derry Corner.


The first recorded use of the back or “inside” of Free Derry Corner was for a version of the slogan on the front in Irish and in the old Irish script (where lenition is indicated by a dot, above “c” and above “d” in this case) – “Anois tá tú ag dul isteac[h] i Saor D[h]oire” – in 1983. (In Irish script, both old and modern, there is no tittle (dot) on the letter “i” but WordPress does not allow for this; the sloganeers have rendered it correctly.)  

(1983 M00178)

The IRA’s Martin McGuinness at Free Derry corner.
(Unattributed X05859)

In 1984, the scandal over the SDLP’s failure to back the name “Derry” drew comment.
(1984 M00235 X05857)

?1985? “Éire amháin, pobal amháin – an t-aon rogha” [One Ireland, one people – the only choice]

(1985 M00421 M00271)

“Yer man Patrick Coyle came up with the idea of putting the board on the back of the Wall” – Arlene Wege (Derry Journal)

“Ass[emble] Sun 28 June Creggan Shops” (Derry Volunteers Commemoration march, held annually)

(1987 M02507)

“Be A Part Of The Struggle For Peace – Demonstrate Aug 14th”

(1989 M00629)

There are four images from 1990. We think the order is as follows:

Bloody Sunday/Free The Birmingham Six – March on January 28th, 1990

(1990 M00776 M00777)

Easter 1916

(1990 M02508)

Derry Volunteer Commemoration – March on June 24th, 1990

(1990 M00784)

Save Dessie Ellis – 13th day of Ellis’s hunger strike would be October 23rd, give or take a day.

(1990 M00918)

1990 “AIDS – it affects us all. Patrick Doherty 1961-1990” (Woods plate 18)

1991 International Women’s Day by Patricia Hegarty and Sinn Féin Women (Woods plate 19)

“1916-Easter-1991” For the 75th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the Starry Plough and Connolly. 
X05858 1991 Easter FDC+
(Unattributed X05858; see Stones Speak 4m12s)

In 1991, for the tenth anniversary of the hunger strike, the theme was ‘Celebration Of Resistance’

(1991 M00982 see also Stones Speak 3m40s)

Foreign Funds

(1992 M01054)

1993 (Woods plate 20 gives “Christmas 1990”) Send The Rich Away. An army helicopter flying in a starry plough sky shines down its light on the three wise men of the European Economic Community (EEC), Catholic church, and Sky broadcasting; on the right is a Bible quote and a blanketman.

(1993 M02510)

1993: “Amuigh agus bródúil [out and proud] – Derry celebrates lesbian, gay pride. 19th-26th June ’93”

(Unattributed X05510 | Stones Speak 6m36s)

?1993? “Free POWs” candle

1995 1993 Building For The Future

(1995 1993 M01151)

“Open Both Eyes – Women’s Liberation, National Liberation” was also on the dirty wall

(Unattributed X05511 | Stones Speak 5m20s)

“The joke’s over lads.” One of multiple small panels, with the mounting slats in disrepair.
(Stones Speak 5m40s)

Racist Brain – date entirely unknown

(Unattributed X05512 | Stones Speak 5m42s)

With the Hume-Adams initiative and the first ceasefire in 1994 came demands for the removal of the British Army (and disbandment of the RUC and release of political prisoners). It appears that the wall has been cleaned and the flag-pole repaired.

(1994 M01120 M01117 M01118 M01119 | D00480)

und. “Vote For Peace – Vote Sinn Féin” was on the clean wall with long pole

(Unattributed X05513 | Stones Speak 6m08s)

und. Repatriate All Political Prisoners Now

(1997 M02094)

14 small holders for flag poles are added for the victims of Bloody Sunday – see the 1997-01 image in the page about the front of the wall (also in ?1998/1999? an electrical box)

1997 “Free Roisín and her baby” “International Women’s Day”
W00266 rep roisin derry+
(D00504 | Stones Speak 4m20s & 8m24s)

1997 Gasyard Wall Féile

(1997 M01305 | D00574)

und. Truth, Justice! (Bloody Sunday)

und. SF Building A New Ireland

(1998 M01384 D00781)

1999 “We demand the truth! International independent enquiry for Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson.” with Loyalist Death Squad.

(Unattributed X09249) (D00817 D00816 D01152)

1999 Mitchel McLaughlin – Peace and Independence in Europe

wall is painted

1999 Battle Of The Bogside 30th Anniversary

M02055 Lecky Rd 1999+
(1999 M02055 D01135 J0118)

2000 Quilt for International Women’s Day
(S00136 Stones Speak 5m03s)

2000 “Bloody Sunday – Truth Justice Healing”
(2000 S00135)

2000 East Timor/Raytheon “Discriminate And Destroy”
(DS3 062 | Stones Speak 6m28s & 6m17s)

und. Zero Tolerance To Violence Against Women

(2001 M01406 M01407)

2001 Féile na Samhna

(2001 M01592)

2001 “Cherish all the children – Ardoyne 2001”
D01296 Cherish All The Children+
(D01296 | Stones Speak 5m11s)

?2001? postcard from “the Turkish hungerstrikers [and] The Palestinian people” (flagpoles)
X05868 200* FDC-R Turkish Palestinian HS+
(Unattributed X05868 | Stones Speak 4m44s | M05509)

?2001? “We demand Real Undiluted Change”

und. Blanket man and hunger strikers

(2001 M01569 | T00788 | J0765 | Stones Speak 3m46s)

?2002? Free The Colombia 3
05507 FDC Colombia 3.png
(Unattributed X05507) (Stones Speak 4m23s)

2002 One World, Many Struggles (Bloody Sunday 30th anniversary)

(2002 M01561 C00811)

2002 Gasyard Wall Féile

(2002 M01611)

2002 Foras na Gaeilge

(2002 M01765)

2002-12 “HIV is for life, not just for World AIDS Day”

?2003? Solvent Abuse

(2003 M01773)

2003 “No to war – Ireland-Iraq” International Women’s Day 
(Stones Speak 6m04s)

2003 “Your winning team” SF Mitchell McLaughlin

2003 “1968-2003 – nothing has changed – we demand our rights”
(Helms 2004 p. 68)

“Don’t let solvents make your life a nightmare” (flagpoles)
X05866 200* FDC-R Solvents Nightmare+
(Unattributed X05866 | Stones Speak 6m48s)

Three hearts (flagpoles)
X05867 200* FDC-R Three Hearts+ 
(Unattributed X05867 | Stones Speak 6m25s)

“Women’s Voices – International Women’s Day” (flagpoles)
X05869 200* FDC-R WomensVoices+
(Unattributed X05869 | Stones Speak 5m49s)

“Support the Palestinian people – boycott Israeli goods”

2004 “Revolution – yes you can try this at home” – “Cher” Guevara – International Women’s Day
(J1991 M05515)b

(in ‘Revolution’, the flagpole holders have been removed but the plaster has not been replaced; after this, boards were placed on a billboard on poles a little distance from the wall but within the buttresses; initially the poles are white and the electrical box is green; later – 2013 – they are repainted black and the box white)

2005 Martin Doherty
X05876 2005 FDC-R Martin Doherty+
(Unattributed X05876)

2005 “Power To The People” – Rossport – Shell (white poles green box)
(2005 M02643)

2005-11 “Don’t Abuse Antibiotics”

2006 “Towards justice” – Bloody Sunday

(2006 M02695)

2006 “No Racism, No Excuses”
(BBC/Guildhall Press)

2006-05 “Our revenge …”

2006 Féile 06′ [sic] “star power”

(2006 M02760)

2006 “You Don’t Have To Spend To Give This Christmas – neighborhood money and debt advisor”

(2006 M03360)

2007-01 Defend The Raytheon 9 – Resisting War Crimes Is Not A Crime
X05862 2007 DefendRaytheon9+
(Unattributed X05862 | indymedia | M03854 for the upper two-thirds of the piece.)

2007-02 “Bars in this area will become smoke free on 30th April 2007”


2007 Féile ’07 Roots 
X05881 2007 FDC-R Feile Roots+
(Unattributed X05881 | Stones Speak 7m57s)

2007 “Doire Abú” (back of pink “Foyle Pride” wall)

(M03934, M03935)

2007 Che 40th

(Unattributed X05880)

2007-10 Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Pink Ladies
mentioned in Derry Journal

2007-12 “Traveller Focus Week”
X05882 2007-12 FDC-R Traveller Focus+
(Unattributed X05882 | Stones Speak 7m 40s)

2008-04 “U*turn says … A Clean Community”

2008-05-13 “The ultimate superfood” breastfeeding


2008-06 “Olympic challenge – protect the human” – Amnesty
X05885 2008-06 FDC-R Olympic Challenge+
(Unattributed X05885 | Stones Speak 6m51s)

2008 “Féile ’08 Outside”


2008 “Remember The Hunger Strikers – Sunday 17th August 2008”
(N&SF Flickr | Stones Speak 3m51s | see also 2009’s Hunger Strike board)

2008-08-29 Launch of mural for 40th anniversary of Civil Rights march
mentioned in DJ

2008-12 Derry 4 – 32CSM

2009-01 “Gaelscoil Éadain Mhóir”

2009-02 “Wanted For International Terrorism”
(N&SF Flickr)

2009-03 “Stay Safe”
(N&SF Flickr)

2009-04 “Wear an Easter lily with pride” – Easter March – ÓSF
(N&SF Flickr)

2009-05 de Brún (European election)
(N&SF Flickr)

2009-05 “Community Pharmacy Now”
X05886 2009 FDC-R Community Pharmacy+
(Unattributed X05886 | Stones Speak 7m36s)

2009-06 Papal Legate
(N&SF Flickr)

2009-06 “From The Heart” – concert
(N&SF Flickr)

2009-06 Emmet Shields
(N&SF Flickr)

2009 “Sammy Devenny 40th Anniversary Mass Friday 17th July 2009”
X05887 2009 FDC-R Sammy Devenny+
(Unattributed X05887 | N&SF Flickr | Stones Speak 3m53s)

2009 “Be safe, not sorry – Don’t burn, baby burn”


2009 “Remember the hunger strikers” (Galbally march)


2009 “Internment an injustice in Ireland today – Stormont shame” RNU


2009 Celtronic 09

2009 Gasyard Féile 24th July – 2nd August


2010-03 “Unmanageable revolutionaries” – International Women’s Day

2010-04 “People Before Profit – Vote McCann”
(N&SF Flickr)

2010-05 “Vótáil Anderson”
(N&SF Flickr)

2010-05 “Derry Women On Trial Need Your Support” – Raytheon
(Socialist Worker)

2010-06 Kieran Doherty and family

2010-06 “Annual Derry Volunteers Commemoration 27th June”
(N&SF Flickr)

2010-07 “The roaring meg custom bike show”


2010-07 “Celebration of resistance – the centenary of James Connolly’s landing in Derry and return to Ireland”
2010 Connolly Celebration Of Resistance
( | Flickr | X10925)

2010 Féile


2011 “Give your child … the gift of bilingualism” Scoil Éadain Mhóir


2011 “Vindicated” “Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign”


2011-04 “Easter Sunday commemoration march – Assemble 2:30 pm Westland Street”

(M06631 | Stones Speak 4m32s)

2011-04 “Hungerstrike commemoration 1981-2011” (possibly after ‘Vote McCann’ and/or ‘Vótáil Sinn Féin)


2011 “Vote McCann” – Che with ballot paper


2011 “Everybody has their part to play – play yours on the 5th of May – Vótáil Sinn Féin”

(M06787 | Google)

2011-06 “Annual Derry volunteers commemoration march” (over an unknown blue board)


2011-07 “Join RNU”


2011-07 Roaring Meg
Google X05499 (same as 2010)

2011-07 “18 Years of Féile 1993-2011” (being replaced by “Join Sinn Féin”)

(see M07442)

2011-08 Join Sinn Féin
M06787a 2011-08+

2011-09? “Helen Harris”
(Derry Anarchists)

2011-11 “End all forms of violence against women”
(Derry Anarchists)

2011-11 “Student Fees”


2012 “Bloody Sunday”


2012 “Heroes with their hands in the air”


2012 “Celebrating international women’s day”


2012-04 “No gods, no masters – John McGuffin” (on back of red and black)

2012-05 “World Autism Awareness Day”

2012-05 “The Earhart Festival” 
X05892 2012 FDC-R Earhart Festival+
(Unattributed X05892 | Stones Speak 5m24s)

2012 “National Hunger Strike Commemoration” Dungiven


2012-09 Free The Cuban 5

2012-10 Líofa 2015, va

2012-10-19 “Don’t let your children play with fireworks or bangers”
X05893 2012 FDC-R Fireworks+
(Unattributed X05893 | Stones Speak 7m05s)

2012-10/11 “Best of luck [Derry City] lads – FAI cup final Nov 4th”
X05894 2012 FDC-R Luck Lads+ 
(Unattributed X05894 | Stones Speak 6m58s)

2013-01-21 End Impunity
2013-01 End Impunity FDC
(Bloody Sunday March X05930)

2013-03 “Free Gaza, Free Derry”

(X05222) also seen on Westland Stalso seen in the underpass

2013 “Easter Sunday Commemoration March”


Some time between March and May, 2013, the poles were repainted black and the electrical box white

——-undated billboards from before the change——-

“Human rights are your rights” woman blowing trumpet
X05888 201* FDC-R BillOfRights+
(Unattributed X05888 | Stones Speak 5m14s)

“The Fact Project supports anti-bullying”
X05870 201* FDC-R Anti-Bullying+
(Unattributed X05870 | Stones Speak 6m54s)

“Bobby Sands 5th May 1981”

——-undated billboards from after the change———-

“World cancer day”

“F**k British Tory Cuts” James Connolly
(DS5 072)

“Northwest community motorcycle project”
X05889 201* FDC-R MotorCycle Project+
(Unattributed X05889 | Stones Speak 7m29s)

Gasyard Wall Féile Roaring Meg Bike Show
X05890 201* FDC-R Roaring Meg Show+
(Unattributed X05890 | Stones Speak 7m59s)

2013-05 “Stop domestic, sexual & state violence”


2013-06 “Derry Antifa in the area”

2013-06 “Ireland says No to G8”

(M09645 M09646 M09647 M09648 M09649)

2013 “Fleadh Cheoil Na hÉireann 11th – 18th August”

2013-08 “Derry Walls Day” 25th Aug


2013 “British Army/RUC Impunity – A Poisonous Legacy”


2013-11 “Male cancer awareness month” – 7 staff Pink Panthers
(Derry Journal)

2013-12 Mandela
(Derry Journal)

2014 “Cumann na mBan – Céad bliain ag streachailt” International Women’s Day

(M10814 | Stones Speak 5m35s)

2014 “Easter Sunday Commemoration March” Westland St


2014-04 “Get a drink think box”
X05895 2014 FDC-R Drink Think+
(Unattributed X05895 | Stones Speak 7m20s)

2014-05 “Féile Pan Cheilteach”


2014 “Leading Nationally, Delivering Locally” SF


2014-06 “Domestic Abuse – it’s an own goal”

2014 “351 Dead – 4 prosecutions of soldiers”
(North Belfast Journal)

2014 “Annual Derry Volunteers March Sunday 29th June 2014” 
X05864 FDC DerryVols+
(Unattributed X05864 | Stones Speak 4m00s)

2014 “Féile August 7th-16th” 
X05897 2014 FDC-R Féile+
(Unattributed X05897 | Stones Speak 8m02s)

2014-10 “Where’s your head at? We don’t take drugs, drugs take us”
X05896 2014 FDC-R Drugs Take Us+
(Unattributed X05896 | Stones Speak 7m 33s)

2014-11 “Male cancer awareness month” – same board as 2013-11
(Derry Journal)

2014-12 “Free the Cuban 5”
(Derry Sinn Féin)

2014-12 Cogús
(Derry Journal)

2015-01 “Resist – march for justice – Bloody Sunday”
(Kingfisher | Alamy)

2015-02 “Cúnamh Eating Disorder Project” child with fawn
X05899 2015 FDC-R Cúnamh fawn+
(Unattributed X05899 | Stones Speak 5m31s)

2015 “Ard Fheis Shinn Féin 6th-7th March” 
X05898 2015 FDC-R Ard Fheis+
(Unattributed X05898 | Stones Speak 8m03s) ?over an Éadain Mhóir board?

Easter Sunday Commemoration

2015 “Vótáil Gearoid Ó hEára”


?2015-06? “Off-road vehicles’ misuse” – back of Craigavon 2
X05901 2015 FDC-R Off Road Vehicles+
(Unattributed X05901 | Miossec | Stones Speak 7m16s)

2015-06 Celtronic

2015 Féile (rainbow, field) 
(Stones Speak 8m10s)

2015 #derryhappy “Feel Good Fortnight” 
X05900 2015 FDC-R Feel Good Fortnight+
(Unattributed X05900 | Stones Speak 7m44s)

2015 “End British Internment – Smash Stormont” IRPWA
X02801 2015-08-23 FDC End Internment+

2015 “End Internment” RNU


2016-02 Time For Irish Unity
X05902 2016 FDC-R Irish Unity+
(Unattributed X05902 | 1916societies | Stones Speak 3m43s)

2016 “Easter Parade 2016”

(M12968 | Stones Speak 4m18s)

2016-05 “Did [James] Connolly die strapped to a chair for this?” – Ireland
X05863 FDC Connolly Chair+ 
(Unattributed X05863 | Stones Speak 3m58s)

2016-04-11 Hunger Strikers 35th


2016-06 Derry Volunteers Commemoration

2016-07 Éire Chun Cinn

2016-07 Celtronic 2016


2016-08 Féile


2017-01 Holy Child Primary School

2017-02 “Cúnamh Eating Disorder Project”
X05903 2017 FDC-R Cúnamh+
(Unattributed X05903 | Stones Speak 7m08s – panels initially in wrong order – the child on the scale goes on the left but at launch was on right, see Derry JournalMartina Anderson twitter)

2017-02 “End corruption RHI”

2017-04 Easter 2017

2017-05 “Spring Festival”

2017-05-18 “Commemorating the Tamil genocide”
2017-05-18 Tamil Genocide FDC
(tamilnet X10926)

2017-07 Celtronic 2017


“Be Breast Aware – Check For Change”
X05871 201* FDC-R Be Breast Aware+
(Unattributed X05871 | Stones Speak 5m28s)

“Domestic Abuse Is Child Abuse” (tarp over Be Breast Aware)
X05872 201* FDC-R DomAbuse ChildAbuse+
(Unattributed X05872 | Stones Speak 6m21s) 

2017-08 Féile 2017 (Or, “Gasyard failure” as Gregory Campbell described it!)

2017-10 “Illegal Fireworks … not much craic now??”
(Derry Journal)

2017-11 “Male cancer awareness month” – mustache
(Derry Journal | Stones Speak 7m27s)

2017-12 “We invite you to our Christmas Market 9th December” 
X05904 2017 FDC-R Xmas Market+
(Unattributed X05904 | Stones Speak 6m19s) (tarp over Be Breast Aware)

2018-01-09 “No Return To The Status Quo – M McGuinness”
(Derry Journal)

2018-03 Easter 2018

2018-05 “Derry Voted Remain”

2018-06 Celtronic (street view)

2018-08 Féile

2018-11 “Welfare Reform Destroys Communities”


2018-12 Internment

2019-03 International Women’s Day

2019-03 Cloud Mind
2019-03 Cloud Mind FDC
(tw X10927)

2019-04 Easter 2019

2019-04 SF

2019-06 Celtronic

2019-06 Derry Volunteers Commemoration

2019-08 Féile

2019-09 Roaring Meg bike show

(Unattributed X05891)

2019-10 Westmonster Circus
2019-10 Westmonster Circus FDC
(Unattributed X09251 tw)

2020-01/02 ‘Jail Jackson’

2020-03 Covid-19

2020-06-05 Black Lives Matter

(X07243 Eclipso Pics)

2020-09 Children’s Cancer Awareness
(Derry Journal)

2021-05 “Jail [General Sir Mike] Jackson

(X08192 Eclipso Pics)

2021-07 Pesticide-Free Derry
(Derry Journal) with flower boxes on the front of the wall (X09253)

2022-01 Bloody Sunday 50

(X08963 X08962 Eclipso Pics)

2022-05 SF Time For Real Change

(X10108 Eclipso Pictures)

2022-06 North West Migrants Forum

(X10271 Eclipso Pictures)

2022-08 NHS Supports Breastfeeding


2022-10 Be Breast Aware (street view)

2023-02 Gaelscoil Éadain Mhóir

(T02102 2023)

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