International Solidarity

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PLO-IRA. PLO = Palestine Liberation Organization. Ariel Sharon became Israeli Minister of defence in 1981 and in 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon. Note that “RPG Avenue” is on this side of the street; it is gone by 1986’s ANC mural. (1)*

(1982 M00587)

“Viva Argentina Ole! Britania [sic] rules the waves no more!” In April, 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland or Malvinas islands, over which it claims sovereignty.

(1982 M00023)

“Basques OK, ETA OK.” The Spanish constitution of 1978 makes the Basque country an independent “nationality” with Spain, but many in the region reject the constitution. ETA is Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, which at the time was waging an armed campaign.

(1982 M00292)

“Solidarity Between Women In Armed Struggle.” Female volunteers from the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), Cumann na mBan, and SWAPO (Southwest African People’s Organization, from Namibia). (2)

(1985 dating to 1983 M00290)

ANC. African National Congress, South African group banned until 1990. Moloise was executed by hanging in 1985. (3)

(1986 M00434)

Mandela. In 1988, Mandela was in his 26th year in prison. He would be released on February 11, 1990. His birthday is July 18th, 1918. (4)

(1988 M00529)

“Free Leonard Peltier”. AIM (American Indian Movement) member Leonard Peltier was convicted in 1977 of the murder of two FBI agents at Pine Ridge reservation. (5)

(1990 dating to 1988 M00840)

“Only Our River Runs Free”. Women of various ethnicities: Native American, Palestine, ?, Irish?, and Mexican?

(1990 M00895)

Sands-Che-Lenin. (6)

(1988 M00522)

Nicaragua Must Survive (7)
(1990 DS1 110)

Our Struggle, Your Struggle. Native American solidarity. (8)

(1990 M00794)

Women Against Oppression

(1991 M009530)

You Can Kill The Revolutionary. Irish volunteer, James Connolly, Emiliano Zapata, member of the United Farm Workers. Dedicated to the San Patricios. (9)

(2002 dating to 1992 M01647)

Basque (Rosnareen) (10)
(1992 DS2 059)

Doire – Managua. Managua is the capital of Nicaragua. (11)

(1993 M01050)

Free Catalonia graffiti, with drawings of the Catalan flag.
(1995 M01190)

Free Catalonia, United Ireland (Rosnareen Rd)
(1996 C00104)

Australian Aborigines (12)

(1997 M01352)

Free Catalonia (Beechmount Ave). Would later be repainted with a white background. (13)

(1997 M01361)

Biko (Ché, Miriam Daly, Peltier, Lila Khaled, Mairéad Farrell, Mandela on the side wall) with the flags of Catalonia, Ireland, the Basque Country, Palestine, and Mexico, with a (sideways) aboriginal flag on the chimney and the pots painted in the colours of man: red, yellow, white, black. (14)

(1997 M01364)

Askatasuna 1997 (Beechmount Gr) (15)

(1997 D00604 D00605 D00606 D00607 D00608 | DS3 060 available at CAIN)

Children Of The World in Creggan (16)

(1997 M01318)

Cuba – Ireland – Shiels St (17)



Peltier – Hillman St (18)
(1999 S00090 | TripAdvisor | DS3 063)

Mumia – Conway St (19)

(1999 D00894 | DS3 064)

MLK – Hillman St (20)

(1999 S00091 | DS3 065)

Londoner Stephen Lawrence was murdered by stabbing in 1993 and, although arrests were made, no charges were brought. A 1998 public inquiry found that the Metropolitan Police Service was “institutionally racist”. In 2012, two of the original suspects were found guilty of the murder (WP). Catholic Robert Hamill was beaten to death by loyalists in Portadown in 1997 while police in an RUC land-rover looked on (WP).
(2005 dating to 1999 M02421 Brompton Park, Belfast. The same board (in slightly different colours) appeared in Artana Street, south Belfast. M02087)

East Timor Raytheon – Market St/Orchard St (21)

(2001 dating to 2000 M01417)

East Timor/Raytheon (Free Derry Corner, rear) (22)
(2000 DS3 062)

F-Block Martyrs (in Turkey)

(2001 M01465)

Erdogan Hunger Strike (23)

(2002 M01621)

Black & White – School de-segregation in Arkansas, USA in parallel with the Holy Cross Primary dispute. (24)

(2002 M01783)

Sharon-Arafat (25)

(2002 M01766)

(2002 M01615)

Palestine Freedom (26)

(2002 M01757)

Saoirse do Peltier (27)

(2002 M01753)


(2002 M01752)

F-Block hunger strikes in Turkey.

(2002 M01989)

Basque Youth (28)

(2003 M01949)

Malcolm X (29)

(2002 M01800)

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade/PLO/ETA
(2004 M02202)

Llibertat Països Catalans (30)

(2005 M02216)

America’s Greatest Failure (31)

(2004 M02219)

Castilla Nacion – Fuera Fascistas de Castilla

(2004 M02217)

Frederick Douglass (Divis St) (32)

(2005 M02577)

These next two pro-Palestinian murals were off Lecky Road, on the back of the Bogside Inn.(2005 M02651)

Balata is a refugee camp in the West Bank, near Nablus.
(2005 M02654 See also M03436)

“Palestine: A Homeland Denied”. PLO leader Yasser Arafat died in 2004.

(2005 M02679)


(2006 M02689)

Catalan Countries off the Falls Road in Andersonstown
(2006 dating to earlier but probably no earlier than 2003 M02742)

Stop Israeli Bulldozers

(2006 M02853)

The next two are graffiti on the wall at the old Andersonstown RUC barracks, which was demolished in 2005.

Ireland – Palestine – Basque Country

(2006 M03117)

(2006 M03115 “psyops” later covered over and replaced with “Hizbollah” plus “Hamas” below – J2902)

Hezbollah Rule – 2006 was the year of the Lebanon War on the Lebanon-Israel border. Stanley’s Walk, Derry.

(2006 M03354 See also M03144 for the flags of Palestine and Lebanon flying in Newry.)

“Support Hezbollah in their fight against Israel scum! Israel scum out now!” Rossville Street, Derry.
(2006 M02751)

Hand-drawn Basque flag in Dove Gardens, Derry

(2006 M03250 See also M03356)

Palestinian flag flying in William Street, Derry.

(M03344 See M03423 for 2007 version with SF poster. See also M03358)

“No imperialist intervention in Iran” on the International Wall, Divis Street, Belfast.
(2006 J2803)

USA: Hands Off Cuba (Divis St)(2007 M03522)

Guernica, reproduced as a mural, depicting the Nazi bombing of the Basque town Gernika during the Spanish Civil War.(2007 M03788)

Las Brigadas Internacionales 1936-39
(2007 M03789)

“Askatasuna! Not Spain, not France – self-determination for the Basque country”

(2007 M03790)

Hamas Rule The Gaza Strip (Lecky Road, Derry)
(2007 M03844)

“Catalonia: 300 years of occupation, 300 years of resistance!” Outside Pilot’s Row Centre in Rossville Street, Derry.
(2007 M03918)

Iraqnica – Picasso’s Guernica reproduced in red and grey as a protest at the invasion of Iraq.(2007 M03923)

Two from Whiterock Road, Belfast.
“Fuck Isra[e]l”
(2008 X00267)

“Israel Fuck You”
(2008 X00274 See also 2006 J2830)

“Free Palestine From 60 Years Of Nakba!”

(2008 M03990)

“Freedom for the Basque Country” – tarp outside An Cultúrlann, Falls Road, Belfast.
(2008 M04479)

* Parenthetical numbers at the end of entry refer to items in a list by Bill Rolston in Brothers On The Wall pp. 457-9) of 32 international murals from 1982-2006. “DS” = Rolston’s “Drawing Support” series of books.