Seán Dolan

Seán Dolan was an IRA and GAA member, a playwright and musician, and fluent in six languages. He died in 1941 after growing ill during 14 months spent interned on the Al Rawdah (Derry Journal). “Fuair sé bás ar son na hÉireann.” This memorial plaque is in Bligh’s Lane, Derry.


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Two armed and masked volunteers hold aloft an RPG, claiming “victory”, even though “our day” is still coming (tiocfaidh ar la). This is a crude version of the 1982 PLO -IRA mural in Belfast, but the direct ancestor of this board is the similar one – Victory – on the same road, Eastway, Derry, from 2000.

Please get in touch if you know what “BCRF” stands for. “CRF” (by itself) stands for “Catholic Reaction Force”. So, perhaps “Bogside Catholic reaction Force”? Or Bogside-Creggan Reaction Force” given the location?


Copyright © 2002 Peter Moloney