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Introduction To The Visual History Pages

There are 11 main Visual History pages. These present a history of murals from the Protestant/loyalist/unionist (PUL) and Catholic/nationalist/republican (CNR) communities in the north of/Northern Ireland from 1900 to the present.

Visual History 01 covers early PUL muraling and Visual History 02 covers early CNR muraling. By “early” we mean up to (roughly) 1981. Even though the period commonly known as “The Troubles” begins in 1969 (and so 1981 is well into the Troubles), we use 1981 as a dividing line because it is in 1981 that a new and dramatic wave of CNR muraling begins. Visual Histories 03, 04, 05, and 06 cover the period from 1981 (the hunger strikes) to 1994 (the ceasefire). Further Histories then cover the post-Troubles or post-ceasefire period: 07, 08, and 09 cover (roughly) the years 1994 to 2003, in which CNR and PUL communities press their claims, while 10 and 11, which cover the period from 2003 to the present, add the state as a third source of murals and street artists as a fourth.

In addition to the main pages, we provide a general introduction to muraling (What Is A Mural?) and a Glossary of the terms used on the site, a Map, and also a number of pages on specific locations (such as Free Derry Corner), themes (such as International Solidarity), icons (such as Bobby Sands or Eddie The Head), and painters (such as Bobby Jackson and Alan Skillen; there is a separate web site devoted to Gerard ‘Mo Chara’ Kelly). These are included in the list below alongside the Visual History page where they are first mentioned.

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The pages are spread across the two sites – ‘Extramural Activity’ and ‘Peter Moloney Collection – Murals’; do not be alarmed if the frame of the page changes.
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What Is A Mural?



The “Oldest” Murals – An overview of the “oldest” murals in a variety of senses including first painted (by each sect) and longest-lasting (with and without repainting).

Visual History 01 – The Protestant Ascendancy – Early PUL muraling. In the appendix, we are attempting to gather a complete list of early loyalist murals. If you know of any not included, please get in touch.

The Jackson Murals (Londonderry’s Fountain area)

Visual History 02 – The Catholic Insurgency – Pre-hunger strike CNR muraling. In the appendix, we are attempting to gather a complete list of early republican murals. If you know of any not included, please get in touch.

Free Derry Corner

Free Derry Corner – Rear

Visual History 03 – The Prison Protests (1981)

Beechmount/Falls Corner

Women In Murals And Muraling

Visual History 04 – Paramilitary Murals (1981-1982)

Visual History 05 – (1983-1988)

The Alan Skillen Murals (Percy Place, 1984)

International Solidarity

Electoral Murals

Visual History 06 – (1988-1993)

Sevastopol Street (Bobby Sands)

The People’s Gallery (Bogside, Derry)

Visual History 07 – Ceasefire (1994-1996)

“Hawks” & Doves – The replacement of the phoenix and lark by the dove during the peace process.

Eddie The Trooper – A collection of the known images of Iron Maiden’s ‘Eddie The Head’ in the guise of a British Red Coat from the Crimean War.

Visual History 08 – The Peace Process (1996-2001)

The International Wall

Walter Paget’s The Birth Of The Irish Republic

Visual History 09 – Winning The Peace (2001-2003)

Map of the Hunger Strikers on the New Lodge flats

Visual History 10 – Re-Imaging (2003-2009)

State Art Vs. Graffiti On The West Belfast “Peace” Line

The Andytown RUC Barracks

Northumberland Street

Mountpottinger Road (Short Strand)

Sliabh Dubh/Black Mountain

Visual History 11 (2010-present)