Visual Histories

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The “Oldest” Murals

Visual History 01 – The Protestant Ascendancy – Early loyalist muraling.

The Jackson Murals

Visual History 02 – The Catholic Insurgency – Pre-hunger strike republican muraling.

Free Derry Corner

Free Derry Corner – Rear

Visual History 03 – The Prison Protests (1981)

Beechmount/Falls Corner

Women In Murals And Muraling

Visual History 04 – Paramilitary Murals (1981-1982)

Visual History 05 – (1983-1987)

The Alan Skillen Murals (Percy Place, 1984)

International Solidarity

Electoral Murals

Visual History 06 – (1988-1993)

Sevastopol Street (Bobby Sands)

The People’s Gallery

Visual History 07 – Ceasefire (1994-1996)

“Hawks” & Doves – The replacement of the phoenix and lark by the dove during the peace process.

Eddie The Trooper – A collection of the known images of Iron Maiden’s ‘Eddie The Head’ in the guise of a British Red Coat from the Crimean War.

Visual History 08 – The Peace Process (1996-2001)

The International Wall

Visual History 09 – Winning The Peace (2001-2003)

Visual History 10 – Re-Imaging (2003-2009)

Northumberland Street

Mountpottinger Road

Sliabh Dubh/Black Mountain

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Map of the Hunger Strikers on the New Lodge flats