Protect Serve Nationalist Ideology

PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) is reframed as “Protect [and] Serve Nationalist Ideology. (Somewhere on) Woodvale Road, Belfast. See previously: Proactively Supporting Nationalist Ideology in Londonderry.


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Whiterock Festival

Kids from Highfield enjoy (left) a water fight, fancy dress party, (middle) DJ, band, bouncy castle and (right) marching under the banner of ‘Whiterock LOL 87’ to the beat of a Whiterock Flute Band (Fb) drum.

M04512 [M04511]

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Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh

“Óglach Coimhín Mac Brádaigh a fuair bás agus é ag cosaint a phobail.” [Volunteer Coimhín Mac Brádaigh, who died while defending his people.] Mac Brádaigh was killed pursuing loyalist gunman Michael Stone, who was attacking the funeral of the Gibraltar 3, in Milltown Cemetery, on March 16th, 1988, twenty years before the board above was erected on the Andersonstown Road.

The board was previously hung on the main Andersonstown Road: M04031 and X05026 but is shown here in South Link, on top of the Sinn Féin centenary mural.

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Éirígí (web) was formed in 2006 and became a political party in 2007, with candidates standing for two seats in 2011’s local elections. For its public art, it used stencils in promoting itself and issues such as the continued presence of British troops in the North (“There are more British troops in Ireland than in Iraq”). Andersonstown Road, Belfast.

M04500 M04501

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Truth And Justice Now!

“Pearse Jordan, unarmed IRA volunteer, a victim of Britain’s shoot-to-kill policy. Murdered by RUC! Covered up by PSNI. Over 1,100 people have been killed by British government policies of collusion – all with official impunity. Justice delayed – justice denied. Truth and justice now!” Jordan was shot in 1992. The killing was ruled unlawful by the European Court Of Human Rights in 1991 (WP). Glen Road/Falls Road, Belfast

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It’s not clear that this ‘collusion’ tarp – with spider-legs of MI5, UDR, PSNI, RHC, UFF, LVF, UDA, UVF and a web beginning at the door of 10 Downing Street – was ever hung, perhaps due to the spelling mistake: “A web of double-agents, death squads and deciept [sic]”. Similar image on Andersonstown Road. It is lying at the Glen Road-Falls Road junction, site of thee old RUC barracks.


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